29.06.15 ————————————————————————————————————————-


Apologies for absence, been detained by life admin and renewed vigor for steamrolling through the middle seasons of Mad Men (NO SPOILERS PLS)…

Thing is: what got me started on this jewellery thing was a desire to give one part of my brain a rest while taking the other part for a spin, and that other part has been due for a spin for a while now so, uh, vroom, vroom…:

I’ve been gettin’ more of my charm thang on. We got celestial, nautical, mythological, spiritual, just plain badass… A healthy selection. And I ain’t done yet!

Speaking of things I ain’t done, I realise I owe you a lot of new necklaces in the shop. I’ll get right on that – your neck looks lonely. (Okay that was creepy.) x


06.03.15 ————————————————————————————————————————-

Oi oi, just a quick check-in with you gorgeous people to smirk a bit about the new charm pendants I previewed in my last post starting to fly out of Scout HQ and onto the necks of lucky buyers (with excellent taste, if I may say so). This is me smirking. Smirk.

Now that that’s out of the way, let us look forward to that lovely thing known to many as ‘the weekend’, during which I will be busy making beautiful things from much of this sexy stuff:

Uh-huh. Yep. I’m taking the whole mystical-by-way-of-the-occult thing and throwing some celestial stuff at it with a few ravens and the odd skeleton thrown in. There are more crystal quartz points on the way as well – and OMG, just wait till you see the stuff I’ve got coming to me from a team of artisans in Bali… Seriously. Hint: if you’re liking the little hand-shaped charms (the non-hamsas in the left corner) you’ll LOVE what I’ve ordered.

I’m a tease, but I make nice neck furniture so you forgive me. So there. x


23.02.15 ————————————————————————————————————————-

Hi… Long time, huh? Looong time. Sorry about that – BUT! I have a progress report for you, including some pretty pictures and a few promises. (I am nothing, if not promising.)

So! The big love for big chains continues here at Scout HQ, now working with both leather and vegan leather straps and a replenished supply of my personal favourite material: matte black diamond-cut curb chains…

I’ve also been making some gorgeous charm pendants – including the rather fierce Morgana – which will be on the site and in the shop soon!

AND the acrylic has come back out to play, reimagined with a bit of minimalism, mayhem, and serious, serious subtlety (hands up who can tell that the bottom chain is a mix of cream and ivory-coloured links).

So basically the deal is that the Scout workshop has been silent but not idle, and there will be more things to look at and new things to purchase very, very shortly. Pinky swear. x


12.12.14 ————————————————————————————————————————-

Two more days till the Xmas Boutique! My team has been hard at work…

Okay, so my team has been closely observing me being hard at work putting together some new neck furniture for you (or, indeed, you) that will not appear online until after it makes its live debut at Forge & Co. on Sunday. That’s when I will be there and therefore that’s when you should be there too, quite frankly. Time Out says so. Swing by for some mulled stuff and central heating on your way to or from the Columbia Road flower market and/or the equally cold/crowded Brick Lane…

Shopping in mulled central heating is nicer than shopping in drizzly 9°-plus-wind-chill. I mean, obviously.

SEE YOU THERE. I mean, obviously. x


07.12.14 ————————————————————————————————————————-


Okay, so two incredibly important things, one of which is really only important for anyone likely to be in Shoreditch next weekend:

SCOUT will be doing its most excellent thing on Sunday the 14th at Forge & Co. I’ll be selling all the tasty stock you see in the shop, plus some exclusive offline pieces (watch this site for previews…) and a collection of mismatched hardware earrings (see a few posts down, hanging from the lampshade) and a few matchy-matchy bits of ear bling. How good? Come play! (And grab me a mulled vino, would you? Ta.)

The other important thing is important for all y’all. The thing is a little lookbook I put together for the current range of SCOUT necklaces [applause, tears, etc.], a few of which are statement pieces, but others were designed to be layered – and layer them I have!

Sooo… Right now go look at the pretty pictures, next week come get squiffy and try on jewellery (and get your nails did) and the week after that is none of my business but it’ll be the run up to Christmas so if you’re lost for ideas I can fully recommend lots of sleep and lots of buy-2-get-3rd-free frozen party nibblies. The ones that involve cheese. x


11.11.14 ————————————————————————————————————————-

Hi. Remember me? Apologies for the radio silence, I’ve been a bit busy with non-jewelerry-related things (though I assure you I was wearing utterly fabulous jewellery while I did them) and while there’s not a great deal to report, you may have noticed the addition of some chain-oriented pieces on the site and in the shop… I’m loving playing with my stash of big chains.

I’ve also wandered into leather strap territory and plan to have a range comprised of chunky metal, smooth black leather, shiny studs and sturdy hardware ready to roll for the forthcoming gift-giving, bling-wearing Season. In fact, I have a few pieces, including some more delicate charm necklaces, finished and waiting to be photographed… They will be with you shortly – SCOUT’s honour!


07.10.14 ————————————————————————————————————————

Well hello there… I survived SCOUT’s first pop up stall, so that’s good – and wouldja know it? Billy Bones, down there (the multi-chain bib necklace with a wee skele clinging to the side) got snapped up by a lucky customer before he even got an outing on the site, let alone the shop! I might put him up on the site anyway, just for purposes of the showy-offy variety.

I’ll be concocting and listing some more Hallowe’en-related necklaces as soon as poss seeing as it’s that (read: my favourite) time of year. And you’d better believe I have a healthy stock of skulls and spookies in my boxes of jewellery bumf.

Know what I also – as of today – have? Chunky, punky, would-look-great-on-a-monkey (??) chains!

Sit down, Mr. T, I got this… Right? And I’m particularly pleased as these monsters, while they look like they’d do nicely on your tyres in a blizzard, are made of aluminum so they are light as you please.

In the immortal words of Thomas Earl Petty: “Oh my my, oh hell yes.”

I’ll come back and rattle your respective cages when the next round of adornments are neck-ready. x


01.10.14 ————————————————————————————————————————

Okay. Alright. So. NEWS!

Not only did a huge box of black velvet display busts arrive today (YAY) but information about the event at which these busts will be joining me is officially right here, right now. Viddy well, my droogs:

And if you don’t believe me, here’s a little something from Time Out on the whole sordid affair:

My old-school Dymo and I have been churning out SCOUT labels, brand new jewelleries have been tucked away, ready to go… It’s all happening and Saturday is going to be major! Hope to see some of you there… Yeah? x


29.09.14 ————————————————————————————————————————

“Back so soon?” says you.

“Yeah, yeah, I know – but lookit!” says I.

I got two exciting parcels in the post today and this evening I started work on one of a few ideas I had last night while insomnia and I were having a little pyjama party.

The first thing to land on my desk today was a box of brand new SCOUT mini cards (half the size of a standard business card), and I have to say I’m very pleased with how they came out.

The second thing that made it to my desk was none other than the teeth! They are superb. I strategically left the box open and in the view of passing colleagues until the teeth had received their third or fourth shudder of “gruesome”, at which point I realised I might be upsetting the run up to people’s lunch breaks.

As evident from the photos, the insomnia idea I’m tinkering with tonight is a development of the Hardware range of jewellery: mismatched hardware earrings. I’m only working in silver tone at the minute as it makes them more of a friendly mix-and-match family, for now just playing with shape and length.

I can barely keep my poor, tired eyes open (no more ideas tonight, please…) but just had to share news of all the new goodies before I crash. Mondays don’t usually go this well, y’know? x


28.09.14 ————————————————————————————————————————

So! I’ve been spending the weekend finishing, tweaking and starting new necklaces in prep for next weekend, when I will be schlepping all the SCOUT stock to Hoxton for a pop up bazaar where I will hopefully sell some stuff, meet some nice folks, and maybe get a change to see what other London-based designer/makers have got on offer. More info on that when I have more info to share on that.

I’ll be putting some new stock up on the Etsy shop later today (after I download the latest Great British Bake Off and Doctor Who episodes – priorities, right?) and am expecting various deliveries this week including more chunky acrylic chain, some major metal chains, a few charms and pendants and – I kid you not – a job lot of early 20th century porcelain tooth samples which appear to be stringable and therefore useable as beads.


Gross, huh? Let’s just blame that one on the spirit of Hallowe’en for now.

Anyway, by the time Saturday rolls round I should have loads of new necklaces on offer and first dibs on them will go to anyone who stops by the Macbeth pub near Hoxton Square between 1 and 6pm so if you’re local(ish) you should come say hullo, try on some bling, and if you’re feeling particularly benevolent, bring me a cup of coffee.

I’ll update you on the pop up soon – in the mean time, I have a date with the BBC iPlayer and a domesticated cat-shaped monster to untangle from some rather nice matte brass curb chain. x


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